Why Alex Boon Personal Training will work for you

I offer a comprehensive service to help you get in the best shape of your life and feel great. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned gym goer and no matter what your goal is, i am here to help. 

Get active no matter what shape you are currently in

Eat better and feel better without feeling like you are on a diet

Achieve and maintain your goals even when life gets busy

Sustainable Fitness & Nutrition plans you can take across the world

Tonnes of useful advice and guidance

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- Individually Tailored workouts

- Home or Gym based PT

- Nutritional coaching & guidance

-Regular Assessments

- 60 Minute session


Don't want to train alone or lacking motivation? Why not train with a friend or 2 (up to 4 people).

It doesn't matter if you have different ability's or restrictions i will tailor a plan to get you all to achieve your goals.


- Personalised nutrition plans 

-Work around your preferences, intolerances or allergies


- Learn and implement nutritional strategies that will transform your life.


- Customised workout programmes for home or gym

- Real-time home training via video available

- Nutritional coaching & guidance

-Weekly check-ins

- Whatsapp support



I began my career in the fitness industry when I joined Stock Brook Country Club in Billericay, Essex as a Fitness apprentice in Jan 2009. After a few years of training and education I became a qualified Personal Trainer in late 2010. Following this i also qualified in Boxercise, Kettlebells and Circuit training which has helped me to push my clients further than before. As the years have passed i have found myself drawn towards Holistic health. Your body and mind work as one and thus should be treated so, you cant put in the wrong fuel and expect to perform to your best. I take a whole body approach to training.


I am passionate about helping people to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small; whether it’s getting in shape for a sporting event or for your own wellbeing. I have been lucky enough to train people from all walks of life, helping people to feel more confident in themselves to losing weight and rehabilitation from strokes.


Exercise should be part of your daily life, not only will you benefit physically but you will also benefit mentally improving your self esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

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Alex has been a wonderful trainer over the last 4 years. I suffered a sever stroke 5 years ago and my movement in both my arm and leg on one side was severely weakened and restricted. With Alex's massive assistance my overall improvement has been massive for which i am truly grateful!

- Peter R



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